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Plastic geonet extrusion line

Name:Plastic geonet extrusion line
Details :

3D vegetation net production line


Reasonable design, novel structure, high automatization, easy operation

Caterpillar type moulding structure, moulding and sizing are finished at one time with higher grade; compound welding is finished later, the honeycomb type sizing is reliable with firm welding, the appearance of products is greatly upgraded

Oven and temperature of welding boards are automatically controlled by temperature controller with fast heating, even temperature and high temperature control precision

With adoption of this technical flow, we can lower investment and have wide selection, basic nets can be easily produced or purchased in contrast with other technology.

III Main Technical Parameter

3D vegetation net production line

3 KW

Output torque of coiling motor

10 N.M

Heating power of oven

12 KW

Heating power of welding board

18 KW

Effective moulding width

2100 mm

Max breadth

2000 mm

Height of moulding pin

26 mm

Gross installed capacitance

36 KW

Dimension(length *width *height)

8500*2740*1650 mm








Bilateral stretched net production line


I Purpose

Fit for producing bilateral stretching plastic net with high intensity and light weight, used as ribs for construction, such as plasterboard and plasterer for wall, etc; ribs for packing bag; good for container transportation for packing goods; protect earth and seeds for 3D plants; fit for aquiculture, etc.

II Performance and Characteristics

Reasonable design, high automatization and convenient operation
Screw has special mixing function and high plasticizing ability to assure even melting effect, top-grade color and high extrusion
Adopt far infrared ray energy-saving heater which has high efficiency and low consumption

III Main Technical Parameter

Breadth: 1500~2600mm(design conforming to requirement of users)
Output: 20~40kg/h
Installed capacitance: 290kW


Unilateral and Bilateral Tensile Plastic Earthwork Grid Production Line

I Purpose

Fit for producing unilateral and bilateral plastic earthwork grid.This kind of materials have high tensile strength and are widely used for foundation intensification, reinforcement of road surface and riverbank, as well as treatment of water and soil for permanent carrier, such as road, railroad, large airport, parking lot, dock and irrigation works to effectively prevent sedimentation, coast and landslide, prolong service life with wide market foreground.
Adopt advanced tensile technique and high precision control tech, environmental protection and energy-saving factors are considered completely, adopt clean energy, without gas, water and residue waste, reliable performance, stable quality, high efficiency, energy-saving performance, environmental protection, high automatization, etc.

II Performance and Characteristics

Reasonable structure, high-tech, easy operation, high efficiency and low consumption

Extruder adopts PP, PE high-efficiency screw to assure high speed and high quality extrusion

Punching press adopts PLC control, easy operation, stable and reliable

Unilateral tensile machine adopts multi-roller multi-grade tensile style to assure even tension and high intensity

Unilateral and bilateral heating system adopts oil conduction heating which can save energy and lower consumption

Electric system adopts frequency control technology, technical parameter is displayed digitally, high automatic control

III Technical Parameter







Extruder Model





Width of die head(mm)





Max speed for unilateral production (m/min)





Max speed for bilateral production(m/min)




Max output(t/a)






Unilateral grid(KN/m)


Bilateral grid(KN/m)


I PurposeFit for producing 3D vegetation net (earthwork underlay net) which can preserve water and soil in the form of honeycomb depending on loose structure and flexible texture, used as slope protective material for highway, railway and irrigation works. Earthwork underlay net is new kind of materials for preserving water and soil in the form of 3D structure to effectively prevent water and soil loss, collapse and improve grassland and biological environment

II Performance and Characteristics
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